The idea to start a blog that only has screenshots came once when I checked the statistics of my regular blog, the Anime Diary. Most of the referrals were by image searches on google and since sitemeter has lots of visits logged that only consisted of checking a screenshot I started to wonder how many viewers actually read posts and how many of them just look for pictures.

This blog is to satisfy those who only look for images of characters and scenes of different anime. This blog will mostly have shots from anime I’m currently watching, but it’s not exclusively for running shows. I know I want to put on some shots from anime I liked a lot and / or had beautiful screens in them awaiting to be kept, cherished or even used as a wallpaper. This site is however not the best place to look for wallpapers, most of today’s anime are 16:9 while the vast majority of monitors are still 4:3

Have fun browsing and if you find something worthy of your note, feel free to comment on the posts. Also if you’re interested in what my opinion is on these anime, check my anime diary too. It’s not updated after each and every episode anymore, like it used to be, but if I see anything that stirs me enough I definitely post on in there.


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